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ReMarkable Pursuit

remarkable pursuit

Being a leader requires a remarkable pursuit of three things:  content, wisdom, and people.  The journey to being a great leader demands that we relentlessly and consistently pursue these three things.

This past Wednesday, I had a conversation with a friend and fellow leadership blogger Brian Dodd.  We were in casual conversation prior to the start of a men’s group that we are in.  He asked me about a tablet that I have called a ReMarkable 2.  I would describe it as an electronic notebook that looks and feels like you are writing on paper.  I am a rigorous note taker and have found the device to be extremely beneficial. 

ReMarkable Pursuit

He was asking me how I liked it and said that ever since it initially came across his social media feed, it continues to show up more and more.  I explained my very similar experience to him.  Once I saw the advertisement come across my feed, I clicked the link to find out more about the product.  The rest is history, ReMarkable began relentlessly pursuing me as their next customer! 

In fact, if you clicked on the link above or audibly speak the words ReMarkable around your smart phone, you too will be pursued!  My apologies!

I am not much of an impulse shopper and somewhat cheap.  Apparently, the marketing team knew that.  Every time I scrolled through my feeds, there they were.  I spent many evenings contemplating the eventual purchase.   Finally, I made the purchase and love the product.

So…how can we take some notes from the marketing team at ReMarkable and apply it to our pursuit of leadership?  Simple, we model their tenacity and apply it to the pursuit of these three things: content, wisdom, and our people.


Whether it is videos, books, magazines, blogs, or podcasts, there is an abundance of content available to us as leaders.  At times it can be almost overwhelming.  I tend to gravitate to certain leadership communicators and pursue their content.  Some personal favorites of mine include Patrick Lencioni, Craig Groeschel, Andy Stanley, Simon Sinek, John Maxwell, Kevin Paul Scott, Jon Gordon, Brian Dodd, and Mike Linch, just to name a few. 

Whoever your personal go to is, be in remarkable pursuit of their content.  Listen.  Learn.  Grow from it.  Good content will accelerate your pursuit of great leadership.


Wisdom is generated through experience.  We gain wisdom one of two ways, through our own experiences or through someone else’s.  Generally, learning from others’ experiences can hurt a lot less!  I don’t know about you, but learning from someone else’s growing pains rather than my own self-inflicted ones sounds like a pretty good deal!     

I am extraordinarily grateful that my leadership journey has been paved with the wisdom of others.  These Interceders in my journey were further down the road than I was.  I learned from the good, the bad, and the ugly of their stories.  They invested in me; therefore, accelerating my pursuit of leadership.    

We should make a concerted effort to remarkably pursue the wisdom of others.    

Our People

Last, but certainly not least, great leaders relentlessly pursue the people they lead.  People are the most valuable asset our organizations have.  So…why not embark on a remarkable pursuit of them?  Invest in them, check in on them, encourage them, and inspire them.

My Paw Paw always told me that, “MANAGING people will be the hardest thing you ever do.”  He was right, but he let me figure out the next key piece of the puzzle on my own.  LEADING people is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  In any role…family, work, volunteer, or as a coach. 

Even on the most challenging people day, those we are given the awesome responsibility to lead are worthy of the pursuit. 


Just like the marketing team at Remarkable pursed me, we should be in relentless, remarkable pursuit of being the best version of ourselves.  Be the Person that People Want to Follow

Pursue the content, the wisdom, and then use it in the pursuit of those we lead.  No one ever became a great leader while stopping the pursuit.  Pursue, pursue, pursue, and when you think you have arrived at the destination, keep remarkably pursuing.       

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