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There are people and moments in life that redirect journeys.  Good, bad, or indifferent the person or the experience meets you at a critical intersection of your life.  I call these people and moments Interceders…someone or something that has redirected our journeys.     


I operate in the world of government for a career.  Roads are a critical piece to the public infrastructure system that gets people from one place to another.  There are critical junctures in these transportation systems well known as intersections.  Intersections are a point where paths of travel cross.

If you live in a community that has a Downtown or City Center, most likely as the American infrastructure system was developed, you have a Main Street.  All Main Streets have intersections.  Some are less traveled, some are congested, some are dangerous, some are confusing, some are difficult to navigate, some send us on a detour, and some let you pass right on through.  Each one can redirect our journeys. 


We too experience intersections as we navigate life and leadership.  Many of those intersections also are less traveled, dangerous, congested, confusing, difficult to navigate, create detours, and some we pass right on through unscathed.

On the flipside, the someones and somethings that meet us at the critical intersections of our lives can positively impact our journeys.  We have all had these people in our lives and we have all experienced these transformational moments.  Our lives all look different because of these intersections. 

If Interceders are someone or something that has redirected our journeys, then let’s dive into what each one looks like in our lives.  Then, let’s talk about what our obligation is to intercede on the behalf of others. 


All of us have someone that has redirected our journeys.  I am personally grateful for all of the people that have interceded my life.  My life would look A LOT different without the intercedence of these someones or somethings. 

We have all had a mentor, teacher, coach, pastor, friend, spouse, parent, or other influencer that met us at these intersections. Each one of them redirected our journeys. If it were not for them, we could have easily gotten lost, stalled out at the light, or went down a completely different road.

Interceders are generally more familiar with the intersections than we are, know the area, and are wise. I believe wisdom is generated through experiences.  We have two options in life, to learn from the experience of others, or our own.  I can guarantee our own experiences hurt way more when the collision happens. 

They met us at the traffic light of every low point and high point the world has thrown at us.  Inteceders met us at depression, alcoholism, anxiety, stress, struggle, and indecisiveness.  They also serve as our GPS to detour when necessary and help us stay on the right track.  They lead us to destinations we could never imagine going to, the ones we never thought possible.  These people encouraged us, loved us, cared for us, and understood us at every crossroad.

They do not get to the intersection too early, never too late, but always on time.  Right when you need them.   


Something has, can, and will intersect our journeys.  These show up as moments, many unforeseen and unexpected.  Some deserved, some underserved.  The GPS of life doesn’t always tell you they are approaching either. 

Seasons of discouragement, depression, anxiousness, stress, struggle, and hardship seem to always lurk below the surface with the potential to emerge at any time.  There are people in my world that have walked through the unimaginable.  Intersections of abuse, addiction, divorce, loss, terminal diagnoses, financial hardship, you name it.  These people are some of the strongest I know.

Life also contains intersections of pure joy.  The birth of a child, a promotion, recovery, finding that soulmate, medical miracles, financial peace, and finding our purpose in life.  The moments that encourage us to continue on the journey, expectant of the next intersection. 


Depending on your life experience, this post may have hit you different. 

For those of you that may have experienced negative intersections with people or moments.  I offer you this encouragement.  Setbacks lead to comebacks.  The intersections of life can develop a level of grit and determination that will carry you through any intersection life has in store for you.    

Here is a challenge for all of us.  Whether it is a person or a moment that redirected our lives, it is written in our story.  A story that isn’t finished yet.  When you think that no one else has ever walked in your shoes, remember this quote from psychologist Carl Rogers, “what is most personal is most universal.”     

Now…the two challenges.  One, how grateful are you for those people that have positively interceded your life?  Do they know it?  If not, let them know today.  Send the text, compose the email, write the note, or maybe even forward this post.  I once heard from a friend that, “Gratitude is never silent.”    

Two, how are we going to use the story of those people and moments that redirected our journey to now intercede on behalf of others?  The greatest investment of our time is in others.  Leaders are people that create moments that redirect journeys of others.  Intercede today!

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