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Want to know how to be a community leader?  

The why behind this blog is to inspire a generation of leaders in local communities to make the turn from ordinary to extraordinary.  When leaders arrive at that critical intersection, we want to provide the content to map your turn towards extraordinary.  There is no better way to kick of this blog than to explore who community leaders are and what makes them special.  Let’s start with the who.  They are public servants, local elected officials, small business owners, pastors, educators, coaches, civic leaders, and volunteers.  These individuals work tirelessly towards a common vision to build, maintain and improve the standard of quality of life for its people.  They are difference makers.   

What Makes Community Leaders Special?  

These individuals are the glue that hold communities together, they are counted on to get things done, and play an essential role to the success of his/her community.   Being considered essential is a big deal, please don’t miss this.  Any effective community leader can sum his/her essentialness to his/her community by asking one simple question.  If you disappeared tomorrow, would anyone notice? 

If You Disappeared Tomorrow Would Anyone Notice?

Reflect on this for a second.  If you disappeared tomorrow, would anyone in your community even know?  If your answer is a genuine and authentic yes, congrats you are a community leader, and this blog is for you.  If you feel like your honest answer is no, then join us on this journey to make the turn from ordinary to extraordinary.  Subscribe to receive emails here and check out the social media icons below to follow us on our various platforms.

How It Works

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Ordinary to Extraordinary Intersection 

If I disappeared tomorrow, would anyone notice?  Would there be a gap left behind?  Would someone go unfed, unmentored, uncoached, unpastored, uneducated?  

If you have not been told lately, we are grateful for you and the work you do in your community!  Let’s make the turn from ordinary to extraordinary! Subscribe here today!

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